12 August 2010

Raya’s cookies!!

Mai tgk..mai tgk…

These cookies are so yummylicious!!!

Prices for each box RM27..BUT as we want to make our first promotion..RM25 for each box..quantity cookies for each box are 55-80 pieces (depands on the size).

Order can be made now untill 15th of Ramadhan 1431H / 25 August 2010.

From clock wise: Oreo, Jakarta , Snowy,Kuaci Cookies and Peanut Cookies

From clock wise: Pandan Sweet, Blueberry tart, Modern Makmor, Gajus,
in the middle : Semperit

From clock wise: Choc square, Mazola, Stobery Choc, Dwi Confleks

From clock wise: Harts, Peanut confleks,Pesona, Pineapple tart, Sweet diamond

So.. this is how the packaging looks like:

comel kan?? selain utk stok kuih raya anda di rumah, ia boleh juga di jadikan buah tgn ketika menziarah sanak saudara, rakan dan taulan =D

Don’t hesitate to call us: Pn Zakiah Yaacob via Facebook, or contact: 0176017323

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