09 August 2010

i love the way u lies. KZ

hahahah... yes i am.. sorry Kz... last nite,, i just want to test u.. as im predicted... u will lie to me again,,the truth is.. i know who she is,,, sorry,, for me,, u still the same,, the old u.. did x change at all..

erm... suka hati la nk buat apa pun.. by the time u said Lucky is her.. i just smile,, like.. BULLEYES!!! cuz i know.. its not her.. hahaha.. surprise huh? well.. i learned alot from u..

KZ..Kz.. sila habis kn permainan ni cepat sikit ye,,, i dun noe y u took this action by lying to me... its ok.. cuz i love the way u lie.. i wanna see how far u can go... gud luck ..hihihihihi

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