02 August 2010


*sigh* Do u realize what u have request? I am not a cold blooded person, maybe for u, its nothing, but for me, it is something! U want me do a favor for u, but u are not sincere enough. U must give me a very solid ground on why I should help u. So far, ur reasons is to weak! Serapuh biskut coklat chips yg ak buat.

I still don’t get ur points KZ, what is exactly u want from me? If u really wants it, ur reason must beyond reasonable doubt. That is why I keep reminding u to think carefully about this idea. Ur arguments must be strong enough until I can’t say anything to object/denied/disagree it.

This is my point of views, u r losing ur self KZ.. u dun even realize who u are. U can bullshit those gurls but not me. I am different from them.

If u really want to change ur self, go back to basic KZ. I won’t give u some sort of ceramah agama in here. I assumed u heard it from others, ur new gf as example or from ur Islamic camping/programmed.

Last and not least, honesty is the best policy KZ. Be honest to urself. That’s the key. At the end of the day, ask urself, what are u looking for from all mess u has created?

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