18 July 2010

why we are not belong to each others

1. U r too hensem for me n im too sweet for u..
2. Im ur twin foster sister..hehehe..
3. u r such a great master mind in dis game & im already quit, it would be unfair to those girls if I play.. rite? hihihi
4. ur weird way of thinking sometimes does not work with my craziness.
5. we r trouble makers. U r tsunami & im earth quake..
6. hav u ever think, if we r criminals we can be a great team? Im saying..we r suitable as partner in crime not as a soul mates. u know wht I meant rite? Whtever hppen in florida stay in florida..LOL
7. our phobias – u, with my parents and i- every time ur been hospitalized. it will be our nite mare if we r together.
8. most of our conversation ,like.. 7/10 it will end up: we r fighting, been hurt and devastated..
9. our world is to small.my friend is ur friend too..anyway I go, people will said these “ lah ko ngn die ke?ak knl die” im like “er,,again……kecik nyer dunia…”
10. I dun trust u if there is no trust in our relationship..how we gonna survive, rite..?
11. ur r so dramatic! And I hate drama…!
12. we always hav those problems…comm break down, misunderstanding each other.
13. we r ego, stubborn n hard-hearted.
14. ur a gud guy.. unfortunely i prefer bad guy.. cuz they more loyal than u..

Ada je lagi sbb nyer.. tapi.. itu.. biarlah ak je yg tahu…ia akan jadi perisai ak yg terakhir

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