07 July 2010

story from the closet

staying at home make me think alot.. i think this is one of the way to get myself back.. just let everything go.. like.. jobless..and no books for the time being..

hmmm... fews days.. clean up the closet.. pergh.. alot of clothes.. ! damn!!! in 2 days.. im like... "bole buta warna ak mcm ni.. byk nor bj warna merah , itam, pastu pink, hah.. itam dgn putih lak'

well..i guess.. from the clothes.. i think..i found pieces of me in there.. like.. im a combo of.. good and bad... some clothes shows that..i am a daring person.. brutal a lil bit..notty.. and simple.. as time goes by.. i can see that my taste has evolved.. the clothes are more to..girlish.. got blause, skirts..cloths like.. 'comel2 gitu'..decent.. modest.. hmmm..

am i a drama queen? no..im not.. this is me..im just want to be myself.. sometimes i want to look sexy.. then .. here it goes.. sometimes i just wanna be simple n sweet.. it depends on the mood i guess.. sometimes it depends on the occasion itself.. most of the time.. i prefer t-shirt and jeans.. simple and comfortable..

so ..moral of the story.. from my closet.. i found that i love to be me.. in addition to that.. im trying to be a liberal person... the principle will be: don't give a damn about others as long as you know yourself better and your responsibilities in this world..

hmm.. teringat perbualan dgn kak ainun n anis: biar kn je.. sape kita nk hakimi org.. itu semua kerja Tuhan.. janji kita laksanakan tangugjawab kita sebaik mugkin..

yeah.. i agree.. thank you gurls..i need time to be like that.. be ignorant.. be liberal,, live life.. oh yeah.. be forgiveful too.. slowly.. i am sure i can do this..

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