29 July 2010

Fb been hacked?

Really? On what reason? Can they do that?

Ak Cuma nk tahu perkembangan..biasalah..bila dah bkwn terlalu lama senag je.. comm. Breakdown.. agak sayang..xpe..itu crita lain.. ‘Guna lg x fb?’ dia jwb’ tak, sbb kena hacked, malas nk amek kisah fb ni’ ‘boleh ek mcm tu?’ ‘u can check it out on ypu tube how to hacked myspace n fb.. its all there.’

Hohoho..my dear lovely hot fren..i noe im lil bit stupid on IT and those stuffs.. do u think I will buy ur story? Hehehe..agak2 la..i was ur partner in crime..y its hard 4 u to be frank with me? Even if the trick is there, who do u think u are? Billionaire ke? Apahal pula org nk hacked ur fb? Lain la kot ada num akaun bank ke..ur credit card num ker..

Kenapa xberterus terang? Tapi xpela..ak kira cincai..megenangkn kita dah kenal lama kn.. if u comfortable with this kind of attitude, proceed..and I keep my words.. if u have any probs, feel free to find me 24-7, InsyaAllah I will be there for u..

Before I end, I would like to quote what Aifaa have said:

When there’s a person who loves you and would stand beside you under any circumstances, please appreciate that person, you’ll never know when they will leave because of how they are hurt by your unintentional words or actions, and then you will regret.

Renung2kn lah ye.. may God bless us all..

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