14 June 2011

Gatal nak menjawab

hai... 1st of all... its really hard for me to ignore ur blog... the temptation is extremely high!.. sorry.. cuz i prefer not to text u or call u.... cuz ur voice sound soooo dem sweet...! and.. cuz i dont want ur reply.. ( heh.. as if u cant reply here. rite? well.. if u did.. i will take time to check my blog cuz rite now im x available in cyber space. its a bonus point for me cuz it will give me cooling period.- its only happen if u read this and u did have the intention to counter back. i hope not. ) ok,, lets proceed.

Syg ku cik Aira.. im happy to see his pic in ur blog. and i.. 1000% sure ur deeply in love with him. u know what? u have my full support. and i did promise to myself to buy ur guys a cake for ur engagement day, - baiklah ia agak merapu.. tp niat ku mmg iklas.. i do highlight my intention to them.hopefully i got the invitation.. ( Alina's know bout my intention too )

jd.. kenyataan yg nk d buat d sini ialah.. trust ur heart. u find treasure in him which i dont see it. and im soo thankful he meet u. person who do everything for him.he really need super woman like u.. no worries about ur commitment issue, when the time comes, both of u will be ready.

next issue.. hmmm.. well... basically.. i just Anak Angkat to them..  to be frank.. i do get panic when they want it to be this way. mugkin pd mereka ia sedikit ralat.. i have to admit. i agree with them. i pun ralat juga dgn ap yg jd. spt pepatah melayu mengatakan.. kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yg menentukan. and like u said before. things happen for a reason.. eventho ramai yg membantah perkara ni.. i believe u know how it feels.. i just go with the flow..  a hah! interesting secret info to share.. i told them.. he have u. bkn batu api ok! i told them.. if they realize.. he did gain some weight after he meet u.. in my view.. he is happy. plus.. he sound excited when he talks about u..( oh,,jgn slh fhm.. pbualan ini da lama..berbulan2 yg lalu, ia sekadar utk mgukuhkan kyataan ni).. back to the issue.. his parent are okay.. they accept who ever he choose to be his wife as long as it will make him happy.. psst.. dont trust him if he said im their choice. i already discuss this matter with them. so pls dont think much bout them.. i dont want u to fall sick.. i care bout about ur health babe..

last issue.. using ur phrase'' without we realize, we started to be serious''.. laaa.. dah tu nk pening pe ny? WE means berdua kn? lebih dr 1.. he and u. kn? maafla ye kalu pemahaman ni slh.. maklumlah.. ms blaja bm & bi main2.. tu yg skg pgunaan bhs mcm ap ntah.. i believe ur his choice. no doubt about it. thus have faith and trust him, like u always did. ur more rational than i do. and im pretty sure u know him better.. dont freak out ok?.. my lucky guess, he is struggling to make a bigger change in his life .. i bet.. its really worth it for u.

oh yala... y im sooo myibuk kn tiba je nk mjawb kat sini... cuz.. i want u and my beloved family and friends out there to know that.. Ayuni Azman dan Khairul Zaman Zaini xde pape.. trust us on that ok?. and u my dear.. dont worry bout his family.. im not in his list.. that is for sure.. have a nice day to u. take a gud care of urself ok? ~ hopefully this post wont make u get hart attack or something attach to ur health ~ i hate it when i have to be interrogate by him, when it comes to ur health.. do me a favour will u? dont fall sick after u read this. i prefer u to laugh.. tq dear!

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