26 March 2011

Saja nk kongsi

I’m x an animefreak, so basically i didn’t watch this anime. Ak tgh selak2 majalah gempak isu lelama ni pastu terjumpa lirik ni..kamper one way ryouomoi, marina inoe..

Your warm gaze makes me happy, but
I’ve decided to be grateful to God for letting us meet
It is because I’m a girl that I can’t be with you?
Myself that’s not myself gets in the way
Hey, no one but you can make my heart twinge.

I think this is mutual love!!
We’re limitless and nearly equal
But we’re forever on parallel lines
Like I’d lose!

One-way – I’m running wild.
It’s fate, ri, ri, ri, ride!
I’ll tell you, I want to offer
You myself as I truly am
The throbbing I feel in my
Heart is the real thing
I can’t decide as my true self yet when I’m with you

The word “love” is a simple ,red signpost
Everyone’s too honest, so I’m all confused
Don’t choose such a complicated, weird course
Wait, Wait!!
I’m sure this is one-sided
Love at it, it’s one-sided love
Don’t tease me. Somehow please, give me a clear answer
Now, I’m sure it’s one-sided love. While I’m feeling this ray of hope
Like I’d lost!
Myself who’s not myself is a rival.

One-way – I’m straying. It’s a sure win, lo, lo, lo, love!
Like I’d step back!
One-way – I’m running wild.
It’s fate, ri, ri, ri, ride!
Like I’d stop!
Like I’d lose!

Btw, this is x the full lyric,. Ak lompat2 je amek ni.. ak rs lirik ni cambest.. agak menarik..
Harap maklum.. xde kaitan dgn ak ok lirik ni.. yela.. slalu kn kalu ak post lirik sume mcm ad kaitan je kn dgn ak... tp yg ni tidak ye.. saja ak nk kongsi.. sharing is caring... bak kata adik ak..

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