01 April 2012

Black is black & white is white

Now the question is,
If I say black and white may mix, and could be grey,
does it show that I’m a corrupted person?

The answer that I can give u is this,
I believe everyone have their own reasons for what ever they did. Whether the reason is illogical, stupid, and ridiculous to you or u thinks it justified to do so,
The best thing I can do is to assist, to advice, or to advocate you. The rest is up to you to decide. It is your choice because this is your life.

Okay u ols...tibe2 mcm serius lak entry ni.. hehehe.. rilex2.. chill ok.. sebenarnya adik2.. undang-undang ni skop nyer besar, idok le setakat peguam dan hakim sahaja... itu umumnya.. cuma nye kebyakan org akn bertanya lebih kurang cam ni ' will u represent a murderer or a rapist?' hmm...i put my self as a lawyer not a judge, so.. yup, i will represent those criminals, cuz its up to the judge to decide..how about if i'm a judge.. hmmm..there is a lot of issues to be consider before i can give the verdict.. again it depends on the circumstances... 

Haaa.. no worries.. i dun see my self in the court room anyway...i'm thinking to do something else and of coz related to law.. hew hew hew..

Yosh!!! Have an awsome Sunday u ols!!! ~ please take a good care of urself ok..

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