09 January 2012


Hrmmmmmmmmm…. Its an old issue…. And its already settled.. the issue came out is way beyond my knowledge…. People can talked… people might remember…. But for me to bring back the case…. Nope… never… I wasn’t me….

Taking responsible for my actions.. hrmmmm… I did.. at that moment…precaution? Yes, I did… how shuld I know it appear again?... it does not come from me…

I don’t have enough info on this.. yes, I refuse to investigate.. to lazy to found out what is really happening…

Yes, it involves a lot of people… me, them, you everyone that closed to us.. our family… I sound so irresponsible person, sister more precise.. daughter dengan buat derk je dengan issue ini.. its seem so wrong… but again… do you know why I put this issue on my blog?? Cuz I want ur lover, kz read it.. it wasn't me this time!

Let me tell u something… for what ever shit that happen involved them.. I settled it directly with them… that is why I closed this issue… its already clear.. done..

Like I said earlier.. might be misunderstanding somewhere..

Bukan nak menegak kan benang yang basah.. tidak.. it was my fault at that time.. I admit that.. and I pay the consequences for my actions..

For what happen yesterday…until now… I don’t think there is any necessary why I should get involved… even though the issue originated from me.. ia tidak membawa sebarang kebaikkan langsung kepada diri ini dgn membuka semula issue ni.. I'm pretty tired with this.. I pay a lot for things, chaos that I made.. when I said it settled.. its settled…  

If you takes action on your own.. don’t you think… you also agree with the story?

My arguments sound stupid.. this is how I see this situation.. I make a choice.. and I prefer to let it be.. sentap mmg sentap dgn cara dia semalam.. its okay..  i'm sure.. for person who brought this issue back, shall have a solid reason for that..  and.. knowing KZ… he must missed something important by the time he attack me..

Last and not least… seriously.. this year and future.. I don’t want to be tied up with you or whoever related to you.. ckup2 la tu what we have been through last year… don’t you get tired? Or ur already love this game? Hrm… please find other player for this year and ahead… I’m not interested..  plus. I’m not ur opponent.. I'm not his shadow either.. I’m nothing to him.. just his past.. not his present nor future..  ~ ok..para ni mmg macam lari dari topic.. dah alang2 this post dedicate for you.. why not.. 

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