27 September 2011

Mati bersama?

ok, 1st of all, i'm x offence anyone, esp deceased ke ap.. if u have that kind of thought la. ~ ni lebih kurang clause ak r sblum memulakan karangan ni..

pagi yg sgt indah hari ni.. ak xleh detect senses ak hari ni.. maka, jadi la bde yg bukan2 tadi..

terus terang, aku sgt takut dgn ap yg aku alami tadi.. it makes me wonder, is this u called as responsible? then, u have to learn more, and i have to be more alert next time. what ever had happen this morning, ak harap ak xngigau malam ni..

** you are free to think, feels what ever u like, my stand still the same. i won't changed it. if u really want to know my answer, u have to know what you really want in ur life. when the time comes, then i will let u know. till then, take care. love you.

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