06 December 2009

Different btwn educated & uneducated guy

I don’t know how to start with this topic. A lot of ideas comings. Most of the time people will respect the view from the educated, rarely the uneducated person gain this kind of respect. However, if the uneducated person is a genius it’s totally a different story, so let exclude this group. My intention, my view is on ordinary uneducated and ordinary educated person.

How public define educated? Having had a high standard of education; showing a high standard of education (Oxford Advance Learner’s Dic). Hmm.. my view is 50-50 on this point.. The reason is, on some occasion the act of these educated person (who claim they belong to this group) is totally irrelevant from what they should act. In simple, a stupid act from a bunch of moron. At the other side of the coin, the uneducated people play their role wisely. Well, this is kinda a rarely situation to happened isn’t it?

Please accept my apologize, I’m mislead the court. The issue should be based on ordinary circumstances, on ordinary educated and uneducated guy. I this is my problem, I cant assist the court to see my point.. im sorry , I want to stand down this case.

Adoi hai.. mmg kena maki la ak dgn Yang Arif Hakim kalu gini gaya nya nk present case..lalalal~! saje je testing nk cuba cara lain dlm penulisan..tp mcm pelik je.. kalu En Syukri baca ‘submission’ (ehh?)ni.. mst dia tarik balik markah mooting ak.. dlm 3 perengan ni..semua nye ada kelemahan.. secara keseluruhan cara ni salah...awal2 nye ak xrancag pun.. ingat nk buat karangan biase..,ntah mcm ne gatal lak nk campor2 gini, penyudahnye....mcm sengal..

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