03 November 2009

His Convocation

Believe it or not..on 29 Nov 2009, I attended his convocation !!! Yup! Yup! Really,. I still don’t believe it until now.. I sit with his mom and lil sis... Thank to Zam, without u, I won’t reach there. Intan, 10x for the baju kurung, its nice. huhu.. Still feel like a dream.. 10x to God, his dad welcome me.. Scary at first, nervous to meet uncle.. then,, they send me to college after the event..

Hahaha.. there is a lot of memories and funny things happen at the events.. again, 10x Love for getting the invitation card for me and Zam.. I really appreciate it… and sorry, ur not invited to my convocation next year..(I already said this to your mum) huhuhu.. im not ready to introduce u to my parent..

Ok, back to the story,, congratulation Love for your convocation.. u look damn HOT with complete set of baju melayu.. weee~!!

Please sent me those photo tru my email.. I dun have any..
Only this pic: ur convo present from me using ur mum’s money..LOL!

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