20 October 2009

Spending MoNeY

This is spooky… right now.. I am not ease with this feeling.. it’s a feeling of.. SPENDING MONEY.. Spending MY money.. this is happen because I just see a few catalogues on hmm.. how to say ya.. hmm.. its kinda..merepek stuff, girlish stuff,, cute2 stuff.. its also have clothes, bags n makeup, beauty stuff, keychain,,n.. a lot more stuff that basically unnecessary to me since I already have it..err.. a few of it.. wee~ but, however, unfortunately, I really want to have those unnecessary stuff! I want to buy the earrings, hair band, ornaments, necklace, keychain, bags,clothes.. OMG!!!! HELP!!!!

p/s :Hahaha.. I think someone have owe me a shopping spree.. hmm.. I wonder when he will get his loan..Lalala~

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