16 September 2009

Back to Basic

Hmmm.. this year… a lot of things happened.. its all start when I officially turn to 21.

Hmmm.. if I think about it.. Its really interesting.. All the joys, happiness, sadness, madness, craziness.. hahaha.. Really enjoy it.. I have learn lot of things,, especially on technology,, created email, blog, facebook.. by the way, i still learning bout those things.. LoL..

Not to forget.. The value of friendship.. Really friends.. I have learn a lot.. thank you soo much for being there for me, back me up, support me, protect me, secure me, never give up on me, advice me, scold me,. love me.. Hehe..=p
One thing for sure I love all of u!!! I really thank to God for having all of u as my friends..

Hmm.. I think.. I should slow down my momentum.. back to basic.. hmm.. jap.. bukan ak mmg cam ni ke dari kecik lg? nk slow down ap ny? oit!!! Apo bendo yg ak pikir ni??!!!

Jap..kejap.. nape tajuk nyer back to basic? Ish.. terlupa lak..back to basic.. hmm.. ap ye? Oh.. hah! Eh jap.. waaaa!!! X ingat lak hai..hmm.. mmm..umm..hahaha.. mugkin kah? Back to basic.. means..my hair style? Aaah la.. betol2.. tiap kali ak msuk bertanding.. mesti mak akn ikat tocang dua rambut ak.. hehehe..

haha.. lebih kurang cam gini la fesyen rambut ak raya tahun ni
Its not pigtails, its bunches.. maka.. raya tahun ini.. rambut akn di ikat tocang dua mcm zaman kanak2 ribena!!! Oh ya lah..! lg 1 sbb nyer.. im single now.. tu sbb nyer back to basic.. eh? xke boink point ni??.. kehkehkeh..

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